The 2 Best 60 Degree Wedges

Having a 60 degree wedge in your golf bag can help you reach a high level of confidence and excel at your game. A 60 degree sand or lob wedge is a must have in all golf bags. These wedges are ideal for hitting soft-landing golf shots onto the green from the rough or over tall obstacles.

60 degree wedges are enhance golfers shot making capabilities and can help them win the game. With a loft angle of between 60 and 64 degrees, lob wedges give golfers more control over the speed and direction of their balls. Golfers that use a 60 degree wedge can launch their balls high in the air and when the ball drops on the green, it lands firmly on the ground, without rolling.

Best 60 degree wedges can become the winning factor in a game of golf. Most beginners and high-handicappers prefer to use 60 degree wedges to shoot low scores and enhance their performance on green.

Best 60 Degree Lob Wedges in Golf

There are many brands that manufacture 60 degree wedges for golfers. But picking the best one can be a hassle especially when you have limited time and so many options to choose from. To help you reach a good decision, we have compiled for you a list of best 60 degree wedges for this gold season.

This list is inclusive of latest releases and all the 60 degree wedges are available online. So just select, shop and order to get the most out of your game.

1. C3i Lob Wedge

Manufactured by Autopilot Golf, this sand and lob wedges is available in 3 different gold club lofts; 55, 59 and 65 degrees. It is perfect for shooting balls out of the bunkers. It can help golfers quickly reduce their number of strokes and win at their short games. Ideal for right-handed golfers, this wedge’s shaft is made from stainless steel.

The C3i lob wedge is extra wide and its auto-glide sole easily cuts through sand, launching your ball high in the air. This wedge is designed to help the ball land firmly on ground and allow minimum rolling upon impact. You gain maximum control over the speed and direction of your ball.

All C3i wedges have an extra curve and beveled leading edge that reduces interaction with the ground for consistently clean contact.  The hosel and heel shaped shafts reduce sand and dirt accumulation on the wedge and ensure that the pockets and grooves remain clean for hitting the ball effectively.

The 65 degrees of loft provided by this wedge launch the ball high with minimal effort. For beginners and high-handicappers these wedges work best because no special swing technique is required to get the ball out of bunkers and narrow terrains.

The C3i wedges are especially designed to raise golfers’ confidence level and improve their shot making. Its unique design helps the golfers to maneuver easy swings by aiming directly at their target. The golfers don’t have to open their stance or the blade to hit the ball high and ensure a soft landing. They just have to set up square and swing to get the golf club close to the pin from a variety of lies.

The C3i sand wedge has had the honor of being featured in Golf Digest’s article “5 Wedges to Help You Hit Better Sand Shots”. All the C3i sand wedges have been independently tested and approved by MyGolfSpy. They have been recognized as the best sand wedges for hitting the balls out of the bunkers or sandy terrains and ensuring that the ball always lands closer to the hole.

All the C3i sand and lob wedges have a high quality construction and come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty. In case of any defects or damage, Autopilot Golf will either replace your wedge or give you a full refund.

2. Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge

Cleveland’s Golf CBX 2 Wedge is available in eight different golf club lofts; 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60 degrees. Made from premium quality steel and graphite these wedges suit both; right-handed and left handed golfers. You can select from the two hand orientations and pick your preference.

Available in your satin color, this 60 degree wedge has a special hollow cavity design. This unique design allows the even distrubtion of additional weight onto the perimenter to give more forgiveness upon impact.

Its dynamic sole feature has three different sole grinds to deliver more versaitality and excute all kinds of shots on the field.

With its enhanced Feel Balancing technology, along with a GelbackTPU Insert, this wedge is perfect for reducing vibration and gives a pure feel at impact.

The 4th generation Rotex Face technology delivers sharp Tour Zip Grooves. With its aggressive face milling shaft, the Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge provides maximum spin and short game control.

For all golfers who are looking for a 60 degree lob wedge that will help them hit the ball out of sandy bunkers, provide soft landings and help them minimize the number of strokes needed for putting, Cleveland’s Gold CBX 2 is an excellent and affordable option.

It is surely one of the best 60 degree wedge for golfers.

Our Final Thoughts

Finding the perfect wedge for getting your ball out of narrow spaces and sandy ditches can be a real challenge especially when every single stroke is numbered.

60 degree sand and lob wedges rescue golfers in such tough situations by giving the ball a smooth launch in the air and a soft landing on the ground. Their 60 degree loft ensures that the ball doesn’t keep rolling as it hits the ground.

Best 60 degree wedges give golfers more control during the game and can become an important deciding factor for ‘close wins’.

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