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Whether it’s your first time on the golf course or you’re a professional golfer who has spent a fair share of time on the turf, choosing the perfect apparel is just as important as purchasing the right golf clubs. While the bright and perky outfits usually worn on the green might seem like a matter of personal fashion, that’s actually far from the truth.

In reality, golf clothing is a necessity that should never be ignored when you want to make the best of your time on the course. For instance, Bad Birdie Golf products aren’t mere statement pieces for golfers to look good in. In fact, these apparel are designed for a handful of practical reasons.

To begin with, most golf courses have dress codes that golfers have to comply with. These aren’t specific uniforms but rather basic guidelines. For example, you aren’t allowed to wear blue jeans on the turf. Moreover, golf clothing is specifically designed to prevent causing feet and hand blisters. And lastly, weather can severely affect your game when you’re not adequately dressed, which compels the golfers to wear clothes that don’t keep them from enjoying their game.

Must-Have Golf Clothing Items

Before we dive into a selection of golf clothes by Bad Birdie Golf, let’s go over a brief overview regarding which items are must-haves when you’re out on the green:

1. Breathable Shirts

Polo is the standard choice of shirts for golfers based on practicality and comfort. However, any soft, short-sleeved, and collared T-shirts are defined to be the golfer’s dress code in general.

2. Soft Shorts or Pants

There are a couple of things to remember when it comes to selecting golf shorts and pants. For one, denim isn’t allowed on the golf course. Secondly, when you choose to wear pants, the bottoms should always meet the top of your shoes. On the other hand, your shorts should fall right above your kneecaps.

3. Hats

Whether it is to protect your skin from harmful UV rays or your eyes from the glaring sun rays, practical headwear is essential when you’re on the golf course.

4. Shoes and Socks

To keep your feet from getting blisters, it is crucial to find shoes and socks that protect you against them appropriately.

5. Outerwear

When the weather is cold, it is your golf outerwear that fights against the blistering wind or light rain.

6. Gloves

Lastly, while gloves aren’t a necessary part of golf attire, these are still a worthwhile investment to help improve your grip on the golf club. Moreover, they protect your hands from being rubbed raw, especially after a full day of golfing.

The 10 Best Bad Birdie Golf Clothes and Accessories

Now, let’s look at the best Bad Bird Golf pieces you can find online to complete your look in style:

1. Macaw – Polo

This athletic fit polo is a visual force to be reckoned with, exhibiting delightful Macaws throughout the soft material. Plus, the shirt is manufactured with moisture-wicking and wrinkle-resistant fabric, which ensures you look your best on the course! Lastly, this UPF 50+ polo is also anti-odor to keep you fresh on the golf, even after a long day of golfing.

2. Lush – Polo

On the contrary, if you’re looking for a breathable and soothing floral shirt, look no further than one of Bad Birdie Golf’s best polo – Lush. The material used in this product is also sweat-wicking, wrinkle-resistant, and UPF 50+, in addition to being anti-odor.

3. Birdie Short – Charcoal

The Birdie shorts in charcoal are the softest draw-string golf shorts you can find online, with enhanced features of sweat-wicking and anti-wrinkling benefits. Moreover, you can even double this accessory as a great piece of swimwear for your summer beach adventures.

4. Birdie Pant – Black

Slim fit with tapered legs, these Birdie pants in black are the best you can get if you’re looking for bottoms with enough room for your glutes and thighs to breathe. Moreover, these 4-way stretch pants are made of buttery soft fabric that’s also moisture-wicking and wrinkle-resistant.

5. Charcoal Quarterzip

Next in line is the Birdie Quarterzip that you can wear on cold days without feeling too hot or constricted. This charcoal athletic fit outerwear can be worn untucked or tucked in, based on your preference. Moreover, the Quarterzip’s sleeve length is specifically optimized not to get in your way while you make your shots.

6. Windbreaker

Another great Bad Birdie Golf accessory is the Windbreaker outerwear that not only keeps you safe from the lashing wind but also keeps you dry from the rain. Moreover, it can handle a quick champagne shower, in case you break eighty on the golf course!

7. Birdie Vest

If you’d instead invest in a sleeveless vest that keeps you neither too warm nor too cold when the temperature is undecidable, the Birdie vest should be your go-to outerwear golf apparel. These vests are also water-resistant, so you can keep yourself from getting wet when golfing in the rainy season.

8. Birdie Dad Hat – White

This Dad Hat with the birdie embroidered on its front will surely get you some attention on the course while keeping the UV rays from burning your skin.

9. “Bad” Rope Hat – Black

Another great Birdie accessory is this “Bad” Rope hat in black that’s bound to put you in the spotlight while keeping your eyes protected against the blaring sunlight.

10. Stripe Socks – Black

Lastly, you can’t say no to these Birdie stripe socks that prevent your feet from getting blisters, even when you keep at it all day on the golf course!

Our Final Thoughts

While perfecting your skills on the course is essential to improve your game, you can’t neglect the importance of donning adequate golf attire as well. The Bad Birdie Golf items mentioned in this article are the best products you can lean toward if you’re looking for something durable, practical, and also aesthetically appealing!

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