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Srixon Z-355 Irons Review: A Set of Mid-Level Irons

A man holding an iron club

Golf irons have changed significantly over the years, especially considering how there weren’t even too many options back in the day. Although there were many new and different brands, the iron varieties and options were still quite limited.   One of the biggest breakthroughs for irons occurred when Srixon Golf made a huge splash in…

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Best Way to Grip a Golf Club: The Top 2 Techniques

Golfer Gripping a Golf Club

The right grip on the club can work magic on your overall golf game. Why is that? The grip is the sole connection between you and your golf club. The right grip allows you to have better control and position over the clubface. It can either help you in maximizing your distance or enhancing precision…

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Best Amateur Golf Ball: 4 Good Golf Balls for Beginners

best amateur golf ball

In the words of Tiger Woods, “The most important item in the bag is the ball.”   So, if you have recently started playing and learning golf, it is time for you to get some excellent golf balls in your bag.   For beginners, choosing the right kind of ball is likely to be a…

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Ping G10 Irons Review: Are These Irons Worth a Look?

ping g10 iron reviews

There is no denying the fact that PING has produced some of the most incredible and user-friendly irons over the years. Most of these irons have eventually made their way into a majority of golfers’ bags. The best part about this golf equipment manufacturer is that their price tags are truly worth the product.  …

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What Is a Mid-Handicap Golfer?

what is a mid handicap golfer

In the world of golf, the term ‘handicap’ has a completely different meaning than elsewhere. While expert and professional players have an idea of what this word means, novice and beginners are often found scratching their heads while trying to understand the term.   A golf handicap is basically a quantitative measure of a golfer’s…

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Best Golf Balls for 10 Handicap Golfers

Titleist 2

If you’re a 10 Handicap player trying to sneak up into the single handicap league, playing with a better quality golf ball might up your game. High-quality golf balls for 10 Handicap golfers can help you improve your scores as it provides a better feel, greater spin, and covers longer distances.   We’ve prepared a…

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Men’s vs Women’s Golf Clubs: What’s the Difference?

mens vs womens golf clubs

For most people, golf clubs look more or less the same. In reality, professionals use different types of golf clubs simultaneously while they play. However, we can divide these golf clubs further in terms of golf clubs made for men and golf clubs made for women.   Like most sports in the world, golf too…

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Best Golf Club Carry Cases for Travel

best golf club carry cases for travel

Are you leaving for a golf trip next morning to play with your friends? What if you reach the course and find that most of your clubs are damaged? This can happen if you fail to take proper care of your golfing equipment while on the move. You don’t want to arrive at the course…

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How Much is a Set of Golf Clubs Going to Cost You?

A Golf Game in Progress

If you’re just getting started in golf, you probably aren’t aware that golf can be an expensive sport. That being said, in the end, it all depends on how much you are willing to invest in this tough game.  Generally, first-time players end up overspending on their first golf club kit. One of the reasons…

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Graphite vs Steel Golf Clubs: Pros and Cons

graphite vs steel golf clubs pros and cons

When buying a new golf club, it can be confusing when it comes down to selecting between a steel and a graphite club.   We usually hear that golf pros prefer steel clubs, whereas graphite clubs are more suitable for beginners, women, or players who are old and suffer from arthritis. But golf is an…

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