Accufli MaxSoft Golf Balls Review

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True golfers know that distance is crucial, and after the ACCUFLI MaxSoft ballreview, you will understand how you can get more of it in your game. This soft ball has a design that is two-pieceand, virtually, hasno spin to make sure there’s plenty of time for those perfect shots on any course!

Accufli is amongthe most sought afterand most reviewed golf equipment manufacturers out there and is well known for revolutionizing the game for people across everyskill level. So, it is natural to think that this product won’t disappoint, either. While the ACCUFLI MaxSoft ball review suggests that it can be a great addition to your game, it is important to note that it may not be the best, either.

In this article, we will go over the pros and cons of this golf ball and what the fluorescent-matte finishes it has to offer.

Accufli MaxSoft Golf Balls Review

The Dimple Design

According to the manufacturer, the ACCUFLI MaxSoft Golf Ball is a result of a lot of R&D. The research spanned four years, and the ultimate objective was to design highly performing and “intuitive” golf balls. And this results in the innovative core and dimple designthat the ball has to offer.

The MaxSoft ball has afeel that is very soft, and it offers much longer shots – even if your swing speed isn’t that much. This means that you don’t necessarily have to be tall to swing over the 200-yard mark. With the right postureand even a small swing, the dimples themselves offer a better feel of the shot as well as better aerodynamics.

This is possible through ACCUFLI’s HFMDT, i.e., the HighFrequency Monolithic Dimple Technology. The tech is patent-pending, reducing the ball’s surface and, therefore, giving off a softer and more aerodynamic feel when you hit.

Soft Feel, Extra-Soft Ball

Almost every ACCUFLI MaxSoft Golf Ball agrees that the ball lives up to its name. You will find better gains with these soft balls and a high rate of speed. This, in turn, helps you increase golf ball accuracy as well, increasing your chances of a hole in one. The Accufli Core helps you enhance your long-distance game, giving you consistent speeds varying by no more than 1mph across your entire club collection!

The Matte Finish – A Mark of Truly Premium Designs

The soft golf balls have vivid and fluorescent colors, topped off with a matte finish that will truly help you stand out of the crowd. The ball comes in yellow, orange, and green color schemes, hence decreasing the chances of you missing this ball – even in the bushes! In fact, if the water is clear enough, you can also fish the ball out easily as it is clearly visible underwater on a sunny day.

The Long-Distance Performance

The golf balls may give off a relatively ‘harmless’ or ‘playful’ golf ball, their performance far outweighs expectations. The aerodynamic dimples and the soft core combine to the give the ball a much better performance off the tee, as well as when wedging. You will see marked improvements right off the tee, especially as a high swinger.

Unlike other balls, the Accufli MaxSoft Golf Balls are known for their ability to actually gain momentum after the first few yards after a hard swing. Normally, balls tend to lose their momentum (and therefore distance) aftertravellingthe first 5-10 yards. However, these balls are able to maintain their momentum for at least 50 yards following theimpact. This means that you get straighter and further shots, and better bounces on the pavement (should your ball hit a hard surface).

Of course, this may not always be a great trait if your ball is going off-course. However, the accuracy that you get with these shots allows for better shots altogether. This makes the balls a great option for long distance performance, especially if you are playing with low to medium wind.

An Overall Performer – The Accufli MaxSoft Golf Balls

These balls have managed to change the distance game with their dimple design and the thin cover, which encourages soft landing and better control over the greens as well as on the pitch. The matte finish and bright colors, on the other hand, are known for their ability to be visible under bright and dark skies alike.

As far as its overall performance is concerned, apart from the poor compression, the shots are quite straight and will easily cross the 200 yard mark, if you are playing for distance. The balls do offer better performance in almost every aspect, except when playing in the rain. The same dimples that offer better aerodynamics may make the ball(s) slightly difficult to control when wet.

You will have to be a bit careful with your golf balls during a storm or even when playing in the snow. Remember, the Accufli MaxSoft Golf Balls perform best under dry conditions. They aren’t a great fit for wet or snowy golf courses.

The Cons

Of course, no Accufli MaxSoft Golf Balls Review is complete without a look at the cons as well. There are two issues that we have noticed. One, the ball does not offer that good a compression than several others in the same price range. And secondly, the blue color may get a bit hard to see on a cloudy afternoon as the color blends in with the sky after a few yards.

Our Final Thoughts

There is no denying that the ball offers very high quality – and that too, at a very good price. The Accufli MaxSoft Golf Balls offer better performance and great visibility, and are sure to help you stand out. The colors also make finding the balls much easier to find and track – other than the blue one, of course.

If you are to take away anything from this MaxSoft Golf Balls Review, know that the ball is designed to give golfersmuch better control over your shots, and you are sure to enjoy that feel that comes with it!

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